World’s Most Expensive Barbie Unveiled!

The pink diamond was specially handpicked for and inspired by Barbie and is a registered tendered stone from the Australian Argyle mine. The 1.00ct square emerald (cut) diamond, notable for its distinctive purplish pink hue, is a rare and unique collector’s item, and it is substantially more valuable than its white diamond equivalent. A style icon such as Barbie commands a rare, unique diamond such as this one.

Having personally created history making jewels for Academy Award-winning films and many of the world’s most influential women, it’s only natural that Canturi should apply his meticulous attention to detail to creating a piece that marries Barbie’s confidence and feminine style, and his timeless Cubism jewellery.

World's Most Expensive Barbie Unveiled!

Stefano states, “I didn’t just want to cover her with diamonds, I wanted the jewellery design to pay homage to her modern yet timeless style, this is why I applied my Cubism design concept to her look. It is perfect for her.”

“With the launch the of the Barbie Basics collection here in Australia, we wanted a to give the launch a unique Australian perspective, so we engaged Stefano Canturi to design the ultimate accessories for Barbie, an Australian pink diamond jewellery suite. Stefano’s signature style fits perfectly with the Barbie brand– modern, yet timeless.” Kate Carroll, Barbie Brand Manager – Mattel Australia.

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