When in Rome… Sybarite Style

Yesterday saw the release of the final magnificent Superdoll luggage set in their ongoing series, all themed around Venus’s European Tour. This time the city of her final destination is ROME. This set is a beautiful deep ruby red with gold trim and amazingly detailed.

rome superdoll sybarite
There’s also a red TRANSIT luggage set consisting of a garment carrier and weekend bag, perfect for those speedy trips away.

rome superdoll sybarite

We were also treated to a look at the final Travelling Doll in the series which go along with the luggage sets. These have been Salon dolls in super low editions. I think her name is ROMA and I also happen to think she looks stunning! She appears to be a Gen_III body with the standard Venus_779 clone sculpt so not the new Sybarite Generation_X incarnation which fans are eagerly waiting for.

rome superdoll sybarite

So what do you think of ROMA and her luggage? Let me know in the comments below…

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