The world of the sYbarites

I have been aware of the sYbarite dolls, designed by Superdoll Collectables, for a while now but due to their rather exclusive price point, I had not dared venture into this new Couture Doll world. That is until I saw IT Girl Venus on the Superdoll online store. I had to have her. And after a brief conversation with the Other Half and pulling out my rather overly used flexible friend I was the proud owner of my very own sYbarite. Now that she has taken up residence in my home I certainly have no regrets. Other than the fact that she has rather spoiled me for other dolls especially now that poor Tyler et al feeling a little neglected in favour of their new rival.

The people behind Superfrock and the whole sYbarite phenomenon are partners Charles Fegen and Desmond Lingard, themselves lifelong doll fans. Although they both originate from South Africa they now very much based in the UK. Which as a UK resident myself is a rather amazing thing especially as it seems everything I have collected so far has been very much from far overseas (but luckily when the pound was oh so much more healthy!) I could even pop round to see them, were it not for not having been invited. And perhaps for appearing too much like a dolly stalker!

They are both trained in fashion design, which is obviously demonstrated, in the intricately stunning fashions they create for their dolls. In fact, their business began with them designing for other fashion dolls such as Gene and Tyler before they
took the plunge and went ahead with the release of their own doll. That was in 2005 and since the there have been may production dolls, outfits, wigs and accessories as well as the rather higher end and extremely limited edition One-Of–A-Kind dolls. They regularly attend the Paris Fashion Doll Exhibition and have shown in New York, London and Moscow to name but a few.


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