The Little Black Dress, Barbie Basics Style!

I have had my eye on the Barbie Basics range of dolls for a while. I really think they are some of the best dolls released by Mattel for some time. I also love the fact that they can be accessorised to the hilt! Mmm… accessories!!

Here is the Mattel blurb: “An icon of subtle sophistication and glamour, the Little Black Dress takes fashion to new extremes with the new Barbie Basics™ doll line. Personalize, customize and play with the 12 dolls, each representing a unique hair style, facial features, skin tone and dressed in the fashion classic, the Little Black Dress. To celebrate the beauty of accessorizing, each Barbie Basics™ doll can be personalized and customised in a way that represents every girls’ own fabulous style by using the ultra-chic accessory packs complete with scarves, purses, shoes and jewellery.”

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  4. hi. i’m visiting via blogrankings/hobbies
    that barbies are fabulous !
    i won’t buy them anyway, but i could stare at them all the time admiring their outfit ^_^

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