Integrity Toys Convention 20122 – Jet Set: 10 Years of Fashion Royalty!

Integrity Toys have announced their convention for 2011 which takes place in Chicago, October 6-8. Here the publicity blurb:

10 years ago this year, the world of fashion doll collecting changed forever when two very special characters were discreetly unveiled during Toy Fair 2001 and no one actually suspected what would soon follow. Everyone who either heard about newcomers Adèle Makéda and Véronique Perrin or managed to catch a glimpse of Jason Wu’s new original creations were immediately intrigued. Everyone wondered, “What’s this Fashion Royalty we keep hearing about”? Soon enough they would find out and the doll collecting world would change for the better and for good!

The many exciting characters who live in the world of Fashion Royalty have indeed become the true jet setting trendsetters of the doll world and they want to share a bit of their glamorous lifestyle with you as the Integrity Team celebrates the 10th anniversary of the No.1 doll line of the last decade! Join the party of the year and discover what it’s like to live a fashionable royal life as they do and celebrate a milestone in FR history!

It’s Time to Celebrate, so Let’s do it in Style!

This year, we’ve decided to pull out all the stops and make this celebration something to remember for years to come. Our designers have created exquisite souvenirs and all sorts of incredible goodies that you have come to expect from our event and more!

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