Superdoll’s Decadent Detour in Las Vegas

This weekend in Las Vegas saw the latest Superdoll US Convention ‘Decadent Detour’ and it certainly seemed to live up to its name! Organised to perfection, yet again, by Drama Queen Productions.

There were three (non OOAK or Salon) dolls unveiled  as far as I can tell: Friday’s Neon luncheon event Companion Doll, Baccarat, held at the very apt and intriguing Neon Museum.

The Oasis Finale Dinner Centrepiece Doll, Aurum, limited to 7 pieces.

And the pièce de résistance, Max-a-Million…

More pics below courtesy of Conventioneer, Janina
Sybarite Baccarat

More pics as soon as I can locate them! So what do you think?

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