Last night was fantastic fun at the Superfrock event in Paris. On top of all the fun came Tick the exclusive event doll given out to the lucky attendees. Here for your viewing pleasure are some quick shots I took.

STOP PRESS!! Once I am back in London I will be taking more pics and will have a detailed review of Tick. Please check back soon…

Say hello to Tick

Say hello to Tick
I have her cape upside down I think! I was worse for wear today so forgive me!

Say hello to Tick

Say hello to Tick
Complete with powder puff too!

8 Replies to “Say hello to Tick”

  1. whoah!!! she is really superb!!! we will see more pictures when you’ll be back home, I m sure
    thanks for the up date we (the far away)we really appreciate considering all what you have to do, I have been at one convention (Calgary, Canada) and I did not have one free minute!!but what a fun!!!

    1. No problem at all! I will be posting more pics later as I have since discovered I have her cape upside down! And she has a skirt to die for too!!

  2. Thank you for these pictures of Tick. I wish that along with the pictures you could have included a detailed description of Tick’s clothes AND a description of what Tick looks like. Pictures are worth a thousand words. True. Sometimes we really want only a few words, such as the color of Tick’s eyes, what her hair is really like in the back. Simple information for us to treasure! Until such time that we learn all these details, your pictures are delightful!

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