Today Superdoll released the first instalment of the Colourvision collection named Doku. She is a Fugu clone and has the V3 body. Although according to the Superfock site Doku is actually version 3.2 but not sure what that means exactly!

Her highly styled couture may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s safe to bet she won’t be around for long!

Here is the blurb from the sales site:

Fugu clone: 0702, pale skintone!
Vicious tones, blue lips… this girl speaks no english!
Bright light blue hose, and tulle blouse, black and natural white origami jacket embroidered in metal pyramids, custom print grosgrain skirt, belted in double layer grosgrain ribbon with metal arrow ‘buckle’. metal accent pale blue shoes with transparent heel and overlay, matching light blue clutch bag and wig of electric blue pink and powder blue in a simple ponytail with fringe and sideburns!
‘clam catcher’ hat.
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4 Replies to “Say hello to Superdoll’s Doku!”

  1. Hello!

    I love this Fugu doll.

    Could anybody let me know who the other three girls are? As far as I know there’s a Venus, there’s an Inque – and?:( ???

    Thanks a lot

    1. Yes a Venus and an Inque. There was a spread in the haute doll supplement of Doll Reader. I only remember seeing 3 colour vision dolls so I don’t think there is another but I would need to check be make sure…

  2. I didn’t like the blue lips at first; but, now, I am starting to like Doku. Will just have to admire her from a distance, though.

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