Say hello to Maverick!The Superfrock boys are very close to releasing an all new Sybarite body design. To mark the event there will be 2, very last “Mark 2” body dolls, released at a very limited release of 75. The old body moulds have been destroyed and these gals will be the very last of their kind!

The first doll, which landed on planet Superfrock today, is called Maverick. This rather lovely doll sports the Venus D’Royce clone face. Many fans have likened her looks to the basic Venus, released a couple of years ago. I have to agree… to a degree. However the face-up does have very subtle differences and colouring. And she is nevertheless gorgeous! The wig is to die for and the outfit sublime! Go to Superfock now to see for yourself and look out for her sister Mantilla coming very soon!!

This is her blurb:

Maverick ED: 75
(as seen in promo image for 2010 Valentine excl. gown ‘After Midnight’)
Venus d’Royce. clone: 777.
Neutral yet colourful. Serene yet demanding!
Gorgeous Venus appears in shades of nude and reptile with
just a dash of DAYGLO lime! Chantilly lace nude mantilla, silk satin and silk chiffon backless midrif blouse, lime beaded skirt, crystal and metalic hose. ankle boots in faux lizard!
10 matching bracelets and dark burnt plum armlets. hairbows in matching lime and nude corsage!
Turquoisey jade eyes, neurtral shadow, pale guava lips & applied brown eyelashes.
Everything you ever wanted in a gate keeper… and then some.”

Say hello to Maverick!

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