Salamanca: Marcelo Jacob Earns his Stripes

Talented designer Marcelo Jacob has just announced his latest creation, Salamanca, which plays homage to the famous black and white stripes of the original Barbie doll. In Marcelo’s own words:

“I love the classics, and the Iconic Barbie Zebra Swimsuit will always inspire me. I’ve been looking for black and white stripes in many different materials and the Salamanca fabric came from Brazil. It was a vintage fabric and I could get only a 2 yards of it;  it’s actually black & Ivory with a golden brocade between.”

Due to the limited amount of fabric this design is an extreme edition of 14, so be sure to get your order in now. I certainly have! You can choose a dress made especially for FR2 or Silkstones/Poppy/NuFace. You can order direct on his website.

 Marcelo Jacob Apparel for Dolls

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