Riviera Drama Agnes Von Weiss W Club Exclusive Prototype Revealed

Today sees the official unveiling of the prototype Riviera Drama Agnes Von Weiss W Club Upgrade doll. You may remember that this particular doll was the result of an Integrity Toys W Club Members’ poll at the end of 2016. Her entire look – skin tone, hair, and outfit – were the results of the popular vote. So too was her character being chosen in the first place.

Riviera Drama Agnes seems to have divided some fans with her emerald jumpsuit, raven side-do, and heavy makeup/nude lip combo. Personally, I’m loving her look, and her raven hair in particular. I can see her sipping cocktails in some beachside terrace or luxury yacht.

Our first glimpse of Agnes was an artist sketch when the 2017 W Club was announced.

Item #TBA Riviera Drama Agnes Von Weiss™ Dressed Doll The Fashion Royalty® Collection 2017 W Club Upgrade Doll

Here is Agnes’ Official Blurb:

Even the powerful Agnes Von Weiss needs some time away from it all at times, but the Baroness is not your usual tourist! No vacation would be “normal” as far as everyone’s favourite socialite is concerned if it did not involve a little, *ahem*, a lot of drama like only she knows how to create. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that it’s all in good fun… But, the other guests at the resort would probably beg to differ. In any case, Agnes does it all in style and like her or not, she never leaves anyone indifferent!

Riviera Drama Agnes Von Weiss, The Fashion Royalty Collection 2017, W Club Upgrade Doll

So what do you think of the final doll? Let me know in the comments section below.

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