Poppy Parker Misty Hollows Deboxing Video

Last Sunday there was a small meeting of the London Fashion Doll Club. I thought I would use the opportunity of a sunny London afternoon on Southbank spent with friends to film the unboxing of my latest Poppy Parker Misty Hollows doll by Integrity Toys. She is an IT Direct exclusive and belongs to the latest Swinging London Collection. She arrived a few days before but I managed to resist the temptation to open her sooner!

Below you will see the video that was taken by my friend Sofia. See if you can spot the deliberate (!) mistake in my naming of a famous London Landmark! There is also a guest appearance by a certain London celebrity, Mr Squirril. I promise no animals (or dolls) were harmed in the production of this video…

Poppy Parker Misty Hollows Deboxing Video

I really love this Poppy Parker. She certainly captures the Swinging London of the mid to late 1960s very well. Her hair is awesome but I will be giving it a bit of a wash to remove the product they put in it at the factory. As it is not a fixed style she doesn’t really need it. Also, the way she is packaged around the wait has flattened the pile of the velvet there. You can probably make it out in the pics below.

More Pics of Poppy and the other Dolls the Group brought to the meeting…

Be sure to check out the other videos on our DollObservers.com YouTube Channel. I hope to be adding more deboxing videos over the coming weeks! And if you live in London, or can travel, then do feel free to join us at one of our LFDC meetings. We try to meet on the last Sunday of every month.

Do you have the Poppy Parker Misty Hollows doll? What do you think of this video? Would you like to see more? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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