05 April 2009 S.D.H.Q
London, England
Dearest Mailing List Subscriber……
Well, with all the excitement of our annual pilgrimage to Paris behind us, Spring is in the air and we reflect on the wonderful time we had meeting friends both old and new in the capital city of France!
But whilst still on the topic of things Parisienne, we can spread the rumour that we will once again be in Paris in 2010 for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, and if this year was anything to go by….. get your name on the list for next year!

More travelling news….

Tokyo! Yeah! We’re going to Japan!
We will be doing an exhibition and have a very few one of a kind dolls available at this auspicious show…. We so hope to see you there and look forward to meeting our Japanese collectors!

We are also very happy to be invited back to Russia this year and will be exhibiting at the DOLLSALON in St Petersburg, but more about that closer to the time.

Our website is currently undergoing a huge transformation and we are also very excited about this. Please re bookmark our index (www.superfrock.com) page to avoid confusion as we refigure the site in the next few months.

So… whats new? I hear you ask…

Here comes the bride…. Yes, ii/DD_04 the gorgeous Innoquii™ bride is in stock and will go on sale later today as well as an elegant treat for the Sybarites.
Furthermore we are thrilled to introduce in the very next issue of Haute Doll magazine: FUGU™! Our all new Japanese sculpt, she’s not your normal poisonous fish!

Also making their debut on our website soon is the divine Sybarite collection Fortune™….

But this is all just a small part of what we have planned for the year ahead as *superdoll_collectibles* takes on a very HOT celebrity likeness that you just not gonna believe… introduce a line of artist figures, a line of teenage girls and then some!

So, stay tuned, have fun as we get ready to once again prepare for an awesome season ahead!

Till Later

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