LUSTRE & GARNET Form Superdoll’s Christmas 2018 Offering

Bang on the promised hour of 3pm GMT, Superdoll Collectables added the two Christmas 2018 dolls to their website. Their names are GARNET and LUSTRE – and both are quite spectacular!

Here is LUSTRE:

VENUS is delighted to have jetted in from Monte Carlo to begin attending her plethora of engagements this holiday season.
With Hair of dark auburn (mohair) in simple yet elegant braids. Emerald eyes and dark brick brows, she selected a burned caramel for her lips. Eyeshadow of teal makes her eyes pop against her cosmetique skintone and her ever so delicately blushed cheeks.
For ‘circuit’ starters at the Beau Ball she chose a stunning Emperor yellow fronted gown…. cut shorter in the front to show of her yellow fronted Y front ankle sandals to compliment her ‘insect wing’ embroidered gown; which without ceremony announces itself with a huge waist to ankle BOW!
The trick of course is from the back she’s all in black, and this is a great illusion for fun and games.
Upon her head, a show stopping plumed headpiece in orange, iridescent green and semi domes echoing the adornments on her gown.
Not needing any form of announcement is her favourite accessory for the season…. her gilt and rhinestone embroidered STAR evening purse.

Just wonderful…. now would everyone stop staring and somebody please offer the lady a glass of champagne!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! she whispered as she strolled around the room.

Here is GARNET:

INQUE was in the mood for attention. She was off to the Grosvenor tonight for something ‘formal’ to start her Holiday Season in London. Mastazuki had just flown in from Japan this morning to do her gorgeous oriental styled hair. A pinky auburn colour, she just loves… adorned in gorgeous red silk tassels.
Her golden olive eyes are rimmed in pink and red and her lips of pure carbide red were already setting the tale.
She knew where tonight’s event would be staged and she knew the location well. Tonight she would be dressing for that grand staircase; and what better than the largest gown in the room…. in vibrant scarlet no less.
Her glistening red gown is everything and then some EXTRA! Red blossoms, blooms, garlands and rhinestones all encapsulated in a tulle ‘net’ in front and opening on the sides toward the back to reveal a cornucopia of a train in the back. Ai Ai Yai! what a gown….
upon her feet she wears dark red velvet saloon ankle boots and in her hand a matching attaché’ clutch.

She quietly went through the huge double door entrance, leaving her attendants behind her in the anteroom, she positioned herself on the staircase a few steps down. Checking her gown was all perfect, it was a matter of seconds before the spotlight found her.

“Yes, I sure do know how to make an entrance” Inque giggled to herself as she looked down upon a stunned, silent ballroom.

‘Happy Holidays’! she mouthed silently as she made her way around the room clinking eye contact with the guest as if it were champagne.

So will you be adding either of these ladies to your collection? What do you think of them? Do let me know in the comments below.

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