Integrity Toys Convention 2017 Will be a Fashion Fairytale

The long-awaited full details for the Integrity Toys Convention 2017 have just been revealed. However, if you were hoping to attend and you are not a member of the W Club, then it is unlikely you will be going. Places were offered up to W Club members on a first come first served basis yesterday, and the convention sold out in record time; despite some frustrating technical issues for many.

Technical problems like this seem par for the course for high demand events and are often beyond the control of the organisers. Anyone who tried to get hold of Kate Bush tickets in 2014 will vouch for that. Frustrating I know but it’s all part of the excitement if you ask me! The convention is entitled Fashion Fairytale and will be held in Orlando, Florida USA from the 18th to the 21st October 2017. The hotel is the Hyatt Regency Orlando. I love Hyatt Hotel! Here is the official blurb:

Once upon a time, there were little fashionistas who love to tell a good story and dress the part for it! Always on trend, these girls and boys know how to dress to impress… And they lived fashionably ever after!

Join the characters of Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, NU. Face and THE INDUSTRY on a weekend adventure like no other as they are set to explore what dream like style can be, inspiring themselves from well known fairytales and other beloved fantastic stories to truly express their creativity!

As well as a comprehensive convention package there is an extra upgrade doll gift set up for grabs for conventioneers and non-attendees alike. Convention-goers will get a discount. Jason Wu designed the outfit, and she is ‘Fashionably Ruthless Tatyana ALexandrova. At this point, we have only sketches to go on. Not sure why there isn’t a prototype, but apparently we won’t see one until nearer to the convention. I hope this isn’t going to be a trend going forward…

‘Fashionably Ruthless’ Tatyana Alexandrova Dressed Doll Gift Set, Integrity Toys Convention 2017 ‘Fashion Fairytale’ Upgrade

Tatyana is $200 for non-attendees and $175 for attendees. Her 101 Dalmatians influence is evident (when did that become a fairytale, btw?) and she comes with a red cigarette holder… I will probably order her!

Whilst I don’t mind fairytales themselves I don’t always like it when they are reinterpreted in “high fashion” form. I was never a fan when Tonner tried it at least. Hopefully, IT will come up with something incredible and I will eat my words.

I won’t be going this year but I am going to start saving for next year – as well as all the other events I want to go to! So did you manage to secure your place at the Integrity Toys Convention 2017? Will this be your Fairytale come true?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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