Well dear readers I finally went and did it; I took the plunge and ordered the newly released ii/DD_04  Innoquii bridedoll.

The first of the four planned Innoquii dolls, ii/DD_02 picnic, did not grab my attention at first mostly due to the fear of ending up with a new expensive doll line to collect! The tattoos were also a bit of a turn off because as a rule I don’t like them on real flesh let alone doll flesh!

However I got looking at pictures of the actual doll people had uploaded to Flickr and I started to warm to this new breed of fashion doll with her unique styling and rather attractive face. And then the Bride showed up! As soon as I saw the pics on the Superfrock site I knew I had to have one.  Doll fever took hold and out came the credit card! Yikes!!

INNOQUII Bride Now she has arrived I am very happy I took the plunge, as she is a dream. Her make up is much more subtle than either the Picnic or Traveller (a Haute Doll exclusive) Innoquii. The grey glass eyes really make the face a delight to behold framed as they are by beautifully applied lashes. The lips, which look slightly petulant on Picnic, are much more reigned in on the Bride with much paler and more realistic lipstick. The feel of her porcelain is also rather satisfying and makes
for a highly realistic skin tone.

Her outfit contains a huge amount of fabric. In the skirt at least as the top half of her gown is completely sheer with applied glitter design that shows off her tattoos to great effect.  White shoes, huge veil and bouquet complete the “happiest day of your life” to twisted Superfrock effect.

2 Replies to “Here comes the (innoquii) Bride!”

  1. She’s lovely–I’m 100% envious. She’s one of my favorites of this line, and I love your gorgeous photos. She is much more lovely in real life than in the promo pictures! Your blog entry is really tempting me as well…. Arrrgh!

  2. Hi Alison thanks for your lovely comment but sorry to be leading you into temptation! She is lovely indeed and if you do give in and end up with your own bride I can promise you will not be disappointed. (Not that I wish to influence you of course!!)

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