Fashionably Ruthless Tatyana Alexandrova Unveiled at Integrity Toys Convention

The Integrity Toys Fashion Fairytale 2017 convention kicked off in Orlando and the dolls were coming thick and fast if the emails sent out to W Club members. I’ve actually lost count of the number of dolls I have seen. One of the dolls I have been most looking forward to seeing unveiled was the Convention Upgrade doll Fashionably Ruthless Tatyana Alexandrova. Mainly as I have pre-ordered her and we had only been shown a few sketches up until now.

Making a marked return to the FR Collection in the porcelain skin tone, Tatyana is a 12.5-inch fashion doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes. This fantastic gift set truly puts forward Tatyana’s, ahem, “love” of animals and includes fabulous mix-and-match pieces to create several looks. The gift set includes a faux-leather, laser-cut “natural edge” skirt, a Dalmatian printed blouse, a luxurious faux-fur coat with bright red lining, a long black satin skirt and separate black satin top (perfect to wear at her favorite fund-raising gala to benefit her local animal shelter, because as you know, she REALLY loves puppies). Set includes two pairs of pumps and Tatyana’s famously red hot cigarette holder!

And here she is in her all her prototype glory.

I am pleased to report I am glad I took the leap (not that I needed much persuading) and pr-ordered her way back in time in March. She looks mighty fine. From IRL pics I have seen from the convention, it looks like she comes with a rather neat suitcase gifset box too.

For coverage of this year’s convention be sure to check out my friend Rogier’s blog as he is lucky enough to be there in person!

What do you think of Tatyana and the other dolls at this year’s convention? Let me know in the comments section below.

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