Facebook bans doll nipples!Facebook has entered into the it’s very own controversial nipple-gate scandal after banning a photo belonging Victoria Buckley  a jewellery designer from Sydney, Australia to showing a nude doll designed by Marina Bychkova of Enchanted Doll in Canada. These are no ordinary dolls either but beautiful works of art and can cost thousands of dollars. The photo was used to display and illustrate the designer’s jewellery and posted on her Facebook fan page. The doll also forms an aspect of Victoria’s window display in her actual store in Sydney, with no complaints thus far.

Not since Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction‘ has a normal part of female anatomy caused quite so much controversy. Well in the doll community at least!

Follow this link to read the full story!

Facebook bans doll nipples!

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  1. I voted Absolutely not…it’s art! But I would like to add as well: and I’m Dutch, we’re used to images like these and don’t bat a lash when seeing pictures like these. C’me on, a nude DOLL!

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