Andymy Designs: Designer of Our First Salesroom Exclusive

With the introduction of our Salesroom, we have a FashionExclusive by Andymy Designs called Windy Times In London. I caught up with Andymy Designer and member, Andrei Teican, to get the lowdown on the outfit, his brand, and to get an insight into his design process.

Simon:What inspired you to start your own designer brand for fashion dolls?

Andrei Teican: It might sound a bit like a cliché, but since I was 3 years old I was fascinated by Fashion and Dolls. I would always visit my neighbours to play with their dolls, and I would always find a pen and paper to draw women in skirts and dresses, with fancy hats, and purses, and always high heels.

So, the dream was to become a Fashion Designer but creating this brand came as a desperate act in hard times to keep my mind and hands busy with the Art after I had to give up to college and the big city, to return home. And so Andymy Designs was born, not from inspiration but for the love of both fashion and doll combined.

Simon:You also designed, and brought to market, your own fashion doll, Luna. Tell us about that.

andymy designs
Andrei and his Luna doll

AT: For the same love of dolls and Fashion, I created my own model, Luna Doll, a doll that stands tall at 13’5”. It’s the First Romanian Fashion Doll created, and it is my Model. (YAY!)

Luna Doll came out introducing the Twins: Emely and Amelie De’Luna 2 different girls, like Ying and Yang but with a big heart and unconditional love between them, and they both are LE of 250 each.

People always wonder, why this height: As a collector and designer I felt the need to make a middle sized doll because it is the perfect size to create the perfect doll Fashion. 12”doll’s fashion lacks the power of details and cuts and fancy ornaments that are hard to find in a small size. 16” doll’s fashions, needs extra: more cuts, more fancy ornaments, more details, otherwise the fashion looks dull compared with the detailed doll.

I am aware, and I did take a risk and right now, I can say that Luna Doll is a doll that doesn’t have the immediate success like other dolls, but I know that she will grow in time. I already have some plans about some extra limited Fashions for her, but that is still a secret 😉

She was created in a 6 months timeline and it was done through a project with the help of the company where I work. I met the doll making factory, gave them all the info needed to make the doll, I almost went “loco” with the factory but in the end, I have made my first doll.

Simon:What are your main influences in your designs?

AT. The main influence is the Fabric because you cannot use all the fabrics you have in a warehouse to make the fashion. Then comes the modern designers, sometimes the old styles influence my designs, but mostly I get it all from the workplace.

All my designs are experiments, I could never remake a human-sized outfit like others are doing because otherwise, I would be a seamstress and not a designer.

Andymy Designs Fashion Exclusive Flyer 1Simon:You have kindly designed a exclusive fashion. Tell us about it.

AT: I did! And when you came with the idea of doing it, I said I have the perfect Fashion: Windy Times in London! The perfect Casual look for a business, classy woman on a windy day in London. A sand coloured wool Coat, with a front closure with 2 buttons, (hook and thread closure) over a short sleeved, metallic silver jersey dress, easy to wear with shoes or boots. This outfit is a must have in any wardrobe. You can easily accessorise it with a belt, brooches, pearls due to it’s simple, clean lines.

This outfit is a must have in any wardrobe. You can easily accessorise it with a belt, brooches or pearls due to it’s simple, clean lines.

Simon:What is your personal doll collection like? What dolls do you collect?

AT: Full of Integrity Toys: Fashion Royalty, Nu.Face, some Poppy’s Fr16, 2 Boys, and 90% are naked on shelves. Because I need them up and ready to dress them up and take pictures. I also have 2 Antoinette from Tonner and that’s quite all.

I can say that I enjoy looking at Barbie sometimes, but she doesn’t fit with my aesthetics, and style, reason why the Barbies I end up with are later up on Ebay.

Simon:How do you see the future for your fashion brand and for Luna?

AT: The future is uncertain, but I don’t want this to ever stop. I love dolls and I love fashion; I love the doll community and it makes me feel like home when I meet with them.

I can say that my dream became true. Now is time to work and sweat some more to always keep Andymy Designs in the fashion trends.

As for Luna, I want to bring more dolls in the future, but with a more detailed aspect, keeping her size. I wanted to bring something new to the market, so I will make it Work.

Evolution is necessary, and my fashion Brand and Luna are still new in the industry of Dolls, so my proposal is to keep an eye on me via social media like Facebook, Instagram or my website,, to see what I have in store for this Market.

Simon:Thank you so much, Andrei, for this very interesting interview. And thank you so much for designing a Fashion Exclusive just for us!

Be sure to check out our Saleroom, a place to buy and sell Fashion Dolls as well as their Fashions, and Accessories.

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