My name is Simon Farnworth and I am a Fashion Doll Lover and Collector and have been blogging as 'The Doll Observer' since 2008. I have also written for Haute Doll and Dolls Magazine. I am also the Event Chairman for the London Fashion Doll Festival.

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  1. Hello! I love your site.

    I am a professional puppeteer working in TV. About 10 years ago i created my own comedy puppet character Clementine the Living Fashion Doll. As her name suggests, Clementine is a fashion doll who has magically come to life- think the love child of Barbie and Pinocchio- with Lucile Ball as the midwife!

    Clementine has appeared on stage an TV all over the world. She had her own mini series on ITV1 and last year she was invited by the BBC to review the costumes on Strictly Come Dancing. (Go to the above website to view the 14 films)

    I’m in early talks about releasing a high end collectors doll of Clementine. As a doll collector myself i have strong views on what i want in a doll- but i only collect male fashion dolls!

    It would be great to have a conversation with you about your collection-what you look for-and what you are prepared to pay.

    A prototype collection is due to launch at an event Clementine is performing in ,during March.
    Its a fusion of fashion and fine art- over 38 international artists will be exhibiting , with some big names in fashion attending on the opening night on the 6th May.
    Go to http://www.thepandorian.com and click on WHISPERS in the top menu to see details of the event.
    Perhaps you would like to attend?

    Hope to speak to you soon,
    Best wishes

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