About Us

the social network for fashion doll lovers and collectors dollobservers.com

DollObservers.com began it’s life in a previous social networking incarnation called Fashion Doll Amigos way back in the digital mists of 2009. Doll Amigos was my way of trying to connect with other doll lovers and in turn to get them connected to each other. I wanted to create a place where collectors and doll fans could interact with each other, regardless of what fashion dolls they happened to prefer. We had some moderate success but hadn’t quite managed to set the world on fire in those early days! When I was forced to change platforms in February 2010 a new concept and a new name was born: DollObservers.com!

Luckily for me some of our loyal Doll Amigos made the transition to our new home, including our Official Greeter and all round good egg Lilly-Dom. Since then our membership has swelled in rank and we also have thousands of casual visitors to the site each month; attracted by the unique and fascinating content our members bring to the community.

One of the most rewarding aspects of DollObservers.com for me is when a member tells me that the site has inspired them to create or to take up a new direction with their doll collection or simply that they are having immense fun! This is exactly what I set out to achieve with my fashion doll community and I feel greatly privileged that so many wonderful people have chosen to sign up and become a part of it.

In November 2016 it was time to change once again to a brand new spangly home. With the increased ability to interact with other members and instantaneously upload photos and messages, it has never been a more exciting time to be a member.

So whether your Fashion Doll persuasion is Barbie, Liv, Bratz, Tonner, Fashion Royalty, Sybarite or all of the above you will find something to catch your eye here on DollObservers.com.

Simon Farnworth, Owner and Community Manager, DollObservers.com